Control Choices and Options

Single Speed

ZoneGenie single speed pumps are available in two control configurations. The first and simplest option is a on-off switch on the front of the cabinet.


The second option is an control lead for use with any external switch, relay or contactor. . All the pumps with the exception of the OP series are available with a low voltage control system. Equipped with an on-board 24VAC or 24VDC transformer, ZoneGenie pumps can be operated remotely with any type switch simply by taking the low voltage signal from the pump through a switch and return the signal back to the pump. This is usually done with direct bury low voltage control wire. The OP series is available with a 120V, 50mA control lead. The switch can be of any type; Relays such as pool, home automation and industrial automation controllers, or standard switches such as wall mount light switches, panel switches and toggle switches. This feature allows for simple installation without running switched high voltage (120V) supply power to the pump.

Multi-Zone Single and Variable Speed

Multi-zone pumps have more then one outlet to turn on so a simple switch on the front of the cabinet does not make much sense. Therefore multi-zone pumps* are controlled with a low voltage signal. Available in 24VAC or 24VDC, they operate identically to the low voltage control described above under single speed pumps, except multiple signals are returned to the pump and each is connected to the terminal corresponding to the desired zone. As always, any type switch can be used.


*The OP series can come with multiple zones, but this series does not have an zone control system. The OP series requires the use of an external control system to operate the zones (120V, 20mA or 24VAC, 60mA or 24VDC @ 40mA) while simultaneously turning on the pump. Common application of this type is the use of a pool controller with 2 pole relays, where the first pole activates the pump and the second pole activates the zone.

External Low Voltage Control

Under certain circumstances, it is desired that an external 24VAC signal source is used to control the pump zones. This application is commonly found in agriculture and humidification where a standard irrigation timer or similar device is used to control the zones. This allows one pump to do the job of many by sequentially operating zones for various areas. Multi-zone ZoneGenie pumps can require 24VAC, 60mA to activate each zone.

Remote External Valve Control

ZoneGenie pumps have built in, on-board zone outlet valves, but they are not limited to the amount of zones built in. Sometimes it makes sense to locate the zone solenoid valves away from the pump. In all situations, it is required to turn on the pump and open the desired valve. When remotely located this can be accomplished through high voltage solenoids (120V or 240V) but this tends to be costly in labor and materials. Alternatively, low voltage solenoids can be used (24VAC or DC) For this application, several Zone Genie Models are available with an upgraded 24VAC transformer which provides extra power for the control of external solenoid valves. Simply use any type type switch to control the solenoid valve and to feed a signal back to the pump to start it.

Comprehensive Line-Up

Pump for Every Application

Whether the need is a simple single zone back yard misting system, a large multi-zone industrial equipment cooling, or commercial humidification system, ZoneGenie has the perfect pump. ZoneGenie pumps are available from 0.5 GPM to 60+ GPM. All options are available, from single zones to variable multi-zone to variable multi-zone multi-pump rack system.

  • Multiple Outlets
  • Variable Speed Pump
  • External Appliance Control
  • Soft Start
  • 20 Gauge Powder Coated Steel
  • Quiet Isolated Cabinet
  • Dampened Output
  • Automatic Regulation
  • 24 VAC/DC Controls
  • Power Ventilated Cooling
  • Industrial Grade Pumps
  • Low Pressure Safety
  • High Pressure Safety
  • Finger Safe Sub-panels
  • External Accessory Control

Volume Adjustment

Multi-Pressure Technology

Controlling how much mist or fog is delivered is key to creating an functional misting system that can adapt to changing weather. Zone Genie pumps can accomplish this feat by varying the pressure within the mist line. Unique to ZoneGenie pumps, there is an option to adjust the pressure with a High/Low switch. This option is only available on Variable Speed pumps. All variable speed pumps use a VFD to control the motor speed by measuring the pressure in the system. The motor speed is adjusted to maintain a pre-set pressure such as 1200psi. The High/Low feature adjusts this pre-set pressure from between two levels such as 1200psi and 700psi. This method allows for the retrofit of existing systems, turning a cooling application from a stagnant on-off system to a versatile Hi-Low-Off system.


The High/Low switch is operated via low voltage as with individual zone control.

Pressure Washer Option

Create a Central Pressure Washer

Since a high pressure mist pump is already on-site, why not use it to it's full potential. With an addition available on certain models*, the pump can be operated in a pressure washer mode. To create a central pressure washer system, hard plumbing is routed from the pump to desired pump outlet locations such as driveways, patios, shops, etc. At each location, an quick disconnect port and a switch allow for the connection of a standard pressure washer wand and hose. Turn on the system via the low voltage switch, and start washing. The pressure washer option is limited in power and water delivery to that of the mist pump selected. Because of this, the PSI cannot be greater then 1200 PSI. Plumbing design is critical for proper function. Since there are pressure losses in every plumbing system, distance is important. Very often the distance from the pump to the usable area is 100ft + and therefore adequate line size is required to maintain washing pressure.


*A minimum flow is required to create a functional pressure washer. Therefore, the pressure washer option is only available on 1.5 GPM and higher pumps. Additionally the selected pump must have multi-zone capability to utilize the pressure washer circuit as a independent zone.

Efficiency and Longevity

Maximum Efficiency

Even before efficiency was the buzz-word it is today, the ZG and ZS series pumps were and still are the most efficient self contained pumps on the market. At the heart of the efficiency is the variable drive system. Conventional pumps operate at full speed continuously, regardless of the demand. This means that some of the energy the pump is consuming is being completely wasted. Beyond the basics of the variable drive technology, ZG and ZS series pumps feature premium efficiency three phase motors, arguably the most electrically efficient motors available on this planet. With the integrated soft-start and soft-ramp features, peak power draw is further reduced, additionally aiding in reduction of power costs. When attempting to obtain LEED certification for the construction of green buildings, the ZG series pump is the only choice in high pressure mist/fog pumps because its power efficiency is so far beyond the competition.

Designed Longevity

High pressure pumps are really quite an complicated piece of equipment. Many manufacturers attempt to simplify their pump system designs by removing or neglecting all the accessories and protective features that ensure the long and productive life of the pump. We have designed all the Zone Genie pump systems with longevity as a priority. From little details such as stainless steel nuts and bolts to the thick 20 gauge hot-dipped galvanized and powder coated cabinet, quality and long life is our goal. All our electronic components, such as the VFD and the industrial grade motor are power ventilated for additional cooling in the hot desert environments. The use of our VFD control system allows for the elimination of bypass which can decrease pump life. Safety features on the pump and electronics will stop the pump when anything happens that may decrease the life of the pump such as lack of water supply, excessive heat build up or motor overload. We incorporate hydraulic shock dampening directly on the pump manifold to decrease shock and pulsation to help extend seal life. All ZoneGenie pumps even come with an extra bottle of oil to help remind and facilitate the first oil change.

High Pressure

Why High Pressure?

Misting? Fogging? Cooling? Visual Effects? Humidification? As all the professionals will tell you, nothing compares to 1000 PSI or higher. When it comes to performance, results, and appearance, the formula is simple: The smaller the water droplet, the better. Since water droplet size goes down as pressure goes up, cooling and evaporation are increased with increasing pressure. The smaller the water droplet, the more surface area is exposed to the surrounding air so the mist will evaporate faster, before it hits the ground. Don't be fooled by "medium" pressure systems. Barely over city water pressure, medium pressure systems offer limited performance and value.

True High Pressure

True high pressure is considered 1000psi. Many pumps available on the market are 1000psi pumps, but that is their maximum limit. This is done to minimize the horsepower requirements. For example a 1 gpm pump @ 1000 psi can be operated barely with a 3/4 HP motor. In this situation, ZoneGenie pumps use a 1 HP motor to move 1 GPM for pressure capability and longevity. The motor lasts longer when it doesn't have to work as hard.

The problem with 1000 psi max pumps is that there are losses in all plumbing lines, including misting and fogging lines. This means that depending on how well designed the plumbing layout is, pressure at the nozzle could be significantly lower then at the pump. Zonegenie pumps are 1200* psi pumps, providing some cushion for system plumbing losses.


*2.85 GPM models are only 1000 psi because of horsepower requirements, this is the max volume deliverable with 2 HP small frame motors. 3.2 GPM and all other models operate at 1200psi because they use 3 HP or more motors.

Safety and Serviceability

Integrated Safety

Protection of personnel, equipment and property are our primary concern. With high pressure safety relief valves available on every pump, systems and personnel are protected for any potential over-pressure issues. To protect the investment of the pump itself, it is equipped with a low pressure sensor that never allows the pump to run dry (the #1 killer of high pressure pumps). Extended bypass circuits minimize potentially damaging cavitation. Thermal protection for the pump prevents pump head overheating. Additionally, the pumps have active thermal protection* for the motor and VFD drive, on-board circuit protection*, passive ground fault interrupt circuit protection and features a finger-safe sub-panel* for access and controls. *Several features are only relevant and therefore available on VFD systems.

Superior Serviceability

All equipment will require service at some time. High pressure pumps are no exception, in fact constantly pumping 1000 psi or more is quite the task. We designed our pumps with service in mind to keep service time and associated costs down. All ZoneGenie pumps feature a single piece removable cover so that the pump and all its components is easily accessible. All pumps include an on-board hour meter so that any service technician knows exactly when and what to do. All our controls are incorporated right there in the same cabinet for easy access, modification and adjustment. Assembly is clean and logical, and each ZG Series pump comes with a wiring diagram for industrial modification (modify at you own risk, wiring modifications void the warranty).